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Q. “How does True Moisture® Cream heal the barrier?”


First of all, according to the FDA, the words “heal,” “cure,” or ”repair” are drug claims, and only drugs can claim to heal or repair diseased skin. While other cosmetic skin creams claim to heal or repair the skin, I do not make these claims for True Moisture® Cream. True Moisture® Clinical Lipid Therapy® Cream is FDA classified as a cosmetic skin moisturizer, not a drug.

We all know that healthy skin is beautiful skin. As a cosmetic moisturizer, I claim that True Moisture® Cream improves the beauty and appearance of your skin, but it does not heal or repair. The fact is: There are many products sold as cosmetic moisturizers that have the words “repairs” or “heals” on the label or
brochure. The reality is, unless these products have undergone FDA drug approval, they are in violation of FDA federal law if they make this type of claim.

Are “cosmeceuticals” an exception to the rule? These products lie somewhere between a pharmaceutical and a cosmetic, thus, the term “cosmeceutical.” The fact is, many cosmeceuticals do have drug-like benefits. For example, alpha hydroxy acids are known to repair sun damaged skin, but, that is a drug claim. The reality is, to the FDA, it is either a drug or a cosmetic. Most dermatologists, however, do recognize the many positive merits of cosmeceutical skin care products.

If Given A Healthy Environment and ABC Care Your Skin is Able to Heal Its Own Barrier.

I look at dry skin as malnourished skin: Just add daily nourishing “food” (lipids and water), and you are healed. But, it is your own human body, not the True Moisture® Cream, that actually heals your dry skin. True Moisture® Clinical Lipid Therapy® Creams A & B do not heal disease and do not prevent or mitigate disease. They do not affect the structure or any function of the human body. True Moisture® skin creams simply moisturize the skin in a natural way by providing a nourishing healthy environment for your skin.

The pure beauty of True Moisture® is the beauty of your skin healing itself, naturally. You can call it: “Auto-Lipid Reorganization,” or “ALR.” In this way, True Moisture® Cream is not a drug and has no drug side effects. By providing an optimum environment for healthy living, you can give your human skin a chance to heal itself without potentially harmful drugs.

Let’s talk about True Moisture® Clinical Lipid Therapy® Creams A & B and True Moisture® Clinical Lipid Therapy® Gentle Facial Lotion. They contain basic ingredients, such as, two water magnet humectants:

1. Sodium pyrrolidone carboxylic acid (PCA)
2. Glycerin

Plus, three highly concentrated physiologic lipids:

1. Free Fatty Acids. (linoleic and linolenic FFA’s).
2. Questamide H, a synthetic man-made ceramide substitute with natural ceramide functionality.
3. Phytosterol, a natural plant derived mixture of cholesterol substitutes- mainly beta sitosterol.

What Do Generic Ingredients Do?
Now, let’s not talk about True Moisture® products, themselves. Instead, let’s talk about basic generic physiologic lipids in general: Externally applied topical physiologic lipids like generic Questamide H, FFA’s, and phytosterol are well known to create an optimum environment for human skin to function in its best health. After harsh soap, normal skin barrier lipids are lost and the skin barrier is damaged. To repair a depleted skin
barrier, your skin needs physiologic lipid replenishment. Natural and physiologic lipids are needed for speedier repair. The skin’s granular cells package and utilize both natural, plus physiologic lipids to replenish the depleted lipid bilayers. The health benefit is like magic as your skin barrier bilayer lipids are restored to good health. Thus, your skin is given needed time to heal itself.

Now, let’s talk about generic petrolatum and mineral oil: Petrolatum and mineral oil penetrate down into your skin to act as a “micro-crutch” that allows your skin barrier to heal itself by natural means. In time, your own body will naturally replace lost cholesterol, ceramide, and FFA’s, and the disorganized lipids will again organize into neatly ordered lipid bilayers. This next diagram is a close-up showing a petrolatum molecule sitting inside the intercellular space among the three barrier lipids. This is where the petrolatum molecule acts as a temporary “micro-crutch” barrier to lend the time needed for your damaged skin to heal itself by acquiring lipids. Mineral oil works similarly.

Now, let’s focus our discussion on generic sodium pyrrolidone carboxylic acid and glycerin: Sodium PCA and glycerin are humectant ingredients. You can think of a humectant as a “water magnet” that draws and retains water to itself, like a magnet attracts metal. Sodium PCA is a physiologic ingredient found in the Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF). Glycerin is very interesting in that it is a non-physiologic ingredient with physiologic NMF functionality. Both sodium PCA and glycerin molecules enter granulocyte skin cells to enhance water retaining qualities very much like your
own natural Natural Moisturizing Factor. Thus, sodium pyrrolidone carboxylic acid and glycerin allow the skin to attract and hold many times its weight in water, and your skin retains vital moisture. In addition to its physiologic lipid function, Questamide H also attracts and holds water, and is a water magnet (humectant). Thus, if you are dealing with dry, lipid malnourished skin, it makes sense to use a combination of three physiologic lipids- Questamide H, phytosterol, and FFA’s (free fatty acids), plus sodium PCA, glycerin, mineral oil, and petrolatum in a serious skin cream. On one hand you get maximum lipid replacement. On the other you get optimum water retention. Thus, a skin
barrier friendly environment is created for your skin to thrive and overcome outer drying forces that would rob your skin of beauty, health, and comfort. So, your skin is given the optimum healthy environment in which it can heal itself via its own natural healing.

Finally, “How does True Moisture® Cream heal the skin barrier?” All things considered, here’s my honest answer, ”It doesn’t heal or repair the skin barrier.” It’s your own skin that heals its own barrier by way of its own natural healing mechanisms. My only claim is that True Moisture® Clinical Lipid Therapy® skin care products make your skin look lovely, beautiful, refreshed, touchable, and a joy to live in. Isn’t that enough?

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