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Q. “How does my diet affect my dry and sensitive skin?”


Diet is important. Inadequate nutrition will hurt all skin functions. As I discussed in chapter 8, water is the best oral agent for dry skin. I suggest a balanced diet supplemented with oral vitamin E antioxidants and oral lipoic acid. There is also evidence that niacin increases natural ceramide synthesis in your skin, so taking B vitamins could be very beneficial for you.


Q. “Are True Moisture® products preservative free?”


Yes, they are. Most preservatives are irritants or allergens. If you apply phenoxyethanol, methylparaben, or propylparaben to the skin of the eyelids or chapped lips, many people complain of a dull, burning sensation. The problem is so common that skin products may contain topical numbing agents, such as bisabolol, to counteract this burning. Others use benzyl alcohol (a fragrance) as a preservative, but then you run into fragrance allergies. True Moisture® ingredients such as isoprene glycol and capryloyl glycine do have antimicrobial qualities, but are not used as classic preservatives.

Out of thousands of patients I have seen, I tested True Moisture® products on the most sensitive people a dermatologist could ever meet. After testing many human eyelids and chapped lips, and hearing the complaint, “It still burns.” I decided to keep True Moisture® products free of classic preservatives. Thus, I worked with the manufacturer and packaging people to keep True Moisture® products as free as possible from contamination. After all, True Moisture® skin products are specifically intended for people with highly sensitive skin. These sensitive skin patients need a sanctuary where they can go and find relief. They need a skin care line they can use without the burning sensations associated with preservatives:
Thus, True Moisture® is preservative free.

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