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Q. A 32 year-old man asks, “My hair is slowly thinning. Can True Moisture® shampoo and conditioner help me?”


This is a simple, yet complex question. True Moisture® Gentle Shampoo and True Moisture® Clinical Lipid
Therapy® Gentle Help For Hair are the gentlest hair care products I know of to cleanse and condition your
scalp and hair. They are sulfate free, quaternium-15 free, DEA free, preservative free, and perfume free. If you have a thinning hair problem, I would certainly advise gentle products. But, hair loss may have medical causes, and your dermatologist should evaluate you. Here are the most common causes of hair loss:

A. Genetic: Is there a family history of female or male pattern balding or any type of familial hair loss?

B. Stress: Is there a history of significant stressors such as emotional trauma, nervousness, depression, a
death in the family, divorce, a severe injury, a major surgery, weight loss, crash diets, or poor nutrition?

C. Medical: Is there a history of lupus, syphilis, AIDS, scalp infections, anemia, seborrhea, psoriasis, vitamin
deficiency, diabetes, hormonal problems, menopause, unwanted hair growth in women, alopecia areata, high or
low thyroid, autoimmune diseases, or other problems?

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