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Q. “Can True Moisture® creams and lotion be used as a sexual lubricant, and will they harm condoms?”


Please don’t be embarrassed. This is a commonly asked question, and I will give my very common answer: Yes and no. True Moisture® Creams contain petrolatum which can damage certain condoms and diaphragms, so I do not suggest that you use True Moisture® creams for this purpose. True Moisture® Clinical Lipid Therapy® Gentle Facial Lotion does not contain petrolatum or mineral oil and should not hurt condoms. And, though sexual lubricants are a common source of itchy rashes of the genital areas, True Moisture® products have not been tested for use as
sexual lubricants. The only comment I can make is that, yes True Moisture® Clinical Lipid Therapy® Gentle Facial Lotion is safe and gentle enough to use on the genitalia should you have dryness or need for a gentle moisturizer, and it does not contain mineral oil. No, it is not made for use as a sexual lubricant.

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