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Q. “I am a dermatologist working for a large HMO. Our clinic is overloaded with dry and sensitive skin patients. Time-wise, I find it difficult to explain dry skin and answer all of their questions. The same patients keep coming back every month for topical cortisone and cortisone injections. Any suggestions?”


You are in the same situation I was in while working in Sun City. You are tired and overwhelmed. It is frustrating to see a patient return time after time for the same problem. I believe that the combination of appropriate patient education and effective personal products is the answer. You can give food to a hungry man, but you will do better to teach the hungry person how to grow his own food. True Moisture’s gentle dry and sensitive skin care products, combined with the ABC patient educational approach: Avoid, Bathe, Cover, became the long-awaited answer to my dry and sensitive patient care dilemma. I suggest that you get your patients a copy of the ABC book available on line on our website, and focus them on ABC education. Soon, you will see them happy and well-moisturized.






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