"Just because something is “natural” does not make it safe for sensitive people."


Q. “Do True Moisture® skin products contain steroids? ”


No, they don’t. True Moisture® products are available without a prescription and contain no steroids.


Q. “Do True Moisture® products contain sunscreen?”


Sunscreens can be allergic to many people, so I did not add sunscreen to any current True Moisture® product. There are several new sunscreens coming out in the near future. It is exciting to see how they’ll work, and if they’ll be tolerated by sensitive skin. For now, if sensitive skin people need a sunscreen, I do suggest that they test the sunscreen before applying it to the face. In general, titanium dioxide sunscreens are the gentlest.

In my opinion, the marketing behind sunscreens can be misleading. People get the feeling that they are safe and can go all day in the sun as long as they are using a sunscreen. The reality is, you are safer but not safe. A sunscreen is like a seatbelt. Just because you are wearing a seatbelt doesn’t mean you can drive at 130 mph. Thus, there is no substitute for adequate sun avoidance, protective clothing, and a wide brim hat.


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