"Your health is more important than beauty, but your skin health is your most visible beauty ."


Q. “Can I stop moisturizing once my skin looks better?”


There is one very big mistake that many patients make: Once the dry skin has visually improved, the patient stops moisturizing and stops the ABC’s. When you stop moisturizing, in time, the lipids within the skin barrier will become depleted again. This neglect will ultimately result in a damaged skin barrier, again. The dry and sensitive skin bomb will explode again. This is when the patient returns to my office with itchy dryness and needs to start all over. Medications may be needed to calm the dry skin rash inferno.

For you to moisturize only when you feel dry, is like driving your car until it runs out of gas, oil, and air on the side of the road. You drive and drive and then it stops. The tank is empty. The oil is gone. The tires are flat. “I can’t understand why my car doesn’t run.” Why not fill up at regular intervals so you are not left stranded and in danger? A stitch in time saves nine.

Like painting over rust, when it comes to healthy skin, we often ignore those things that are most important. We tan it, we shave it, we perfume it, we clean it, we deodorize it, we color it, we style it, we brush it, we comb it, we
paint it, we pierce it, we pluck it, we tattoo it. We manicure it, we massage it, we peel it, we wax it, we laser it, and we adorn it in fine jewelry and clothes. But, in general, most people moisturize only when they feel dry. They wait until their skin is completely depleted before replenishing. To keep your own skin working as it should, you need to moisturize on a daily basis whether or not you feel dry. Granted, you do not have to moisturize quite so intensely if your skin is nice and soft, but you should moisturize at least once a day. For example, you can use Cream A one night and Cream B the next night. By all means, do not change your ABC lifestyle. The daily ABC’s were designed to prevent most dry and sensitive skin problems.



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