"Just because something is “natural” does not make it safe for sensitive people."


Q. “Dr. Jacobs, can you please go over Cream A and Cream B and explain how to use them?”


OK. I?ll explain Cream A and Cream B so you can better understand.

True Moisture® Clinical Lipid Therapy®
Body Cream “A”

Body Cream “B”

For so long I have treated patients with the dry skin rash. So many of them use Dial™, Irish Spring™, and Zest™ deodorant soaps. Their skin loses lipids and becomes like a dry lake bed, full of cracks. Of course, they itch. Here is a photo of a patient with the dry skin rash. Notice the dry lake bed-like appearance.

I often ask my dry skin patients, “How do you moisturize your body?” They reply, “I use lotion every day.” This explains their dry skin. A lotion is a thin liquid and tends to evaporate in room air. Thus, despite what TV advertising teaches, a lotion is not an effective way to prevent water from evaporating out of your body. A cream is far better. As you can see, a cream consists of a water molecule surrounded by oil, while a lotion is an oil molecule surrounded by water. Thus, the cream is more protective of water.

With this fact in mind, I designed True Moisture® Clinical Lipid Therapy® Cream A and Cream B. True Moisture® Clinical Lipid Therapy® Creams are loaded with luscious skin lipids. Our patent-pending True Moisture® Clinical Lipid Therapy® Cream "A" & "B" System is a novel two-step skin care method and composition for effective lipid based dry skin moisturization. Cream A contains Questamide H (a synthetic non-animal non-ceramide with ceramide functionality, lipid substitute) plus free fatty acids. Cream B contains phytosterol (a plant derived cholesterol-like lipid substitute) plus free fatty acids. By using True Moisture® Cream “A” in the morning and Cream “B” at night, your dry skin is moisturized with the maximum clinical lipid concentration for dry skin care.

How To Use Clinical Lipid Therapy® Creams A & B

Remember that pure water is the best moisturizer for your dry skin. Just add water. So, first, hydrate. Soak or shower your body in water for ten or more minutes. Be kind to your lipids. You may cleanse your skin with True Moisture® Gentle Face & Body Cleanser, or True Moisture® Clinical Lipid Therapy® Rinse Optional Skin Cleanser “C”. Do not use soap, as soap is harsh and will strip your protective skin lipids. After your bath, take a spray bottle and spray your body with plenty of distilled water. Do not towel or air dry. You can wipe off excess water with your hands. Use gloves if you have a hand rash.

At this point, your skin is hydrated and now contains wonderful water. To protect your hydrated skin from evaporation, liberally cover your body with True Moisture® Clinical Lipid Therapy® Cream A or Cream B. Think of a 24 hour day as two 12 hour treatment periods.

For the first 12 hour period you apply only Cream A one or more times during that period. For the second 12 hour period, apply Cream B only, one or more times during that 12 hour period. Severe dry skin will require extra True Moisture® Cream. Apply True Moisture® Cream to your entire body, rather than to spots or small areas. Note: You may need to reapply True Moisture® Cream A or Cream B several times during the day, especially if you wash your hands frequently. The more you use Creams A and B, the greater the clinical lipid benefit you'll receive. True Moisture® Cream A is usually used during the day, but may also be used at night. Cream B is usually used at night, but may also be used during the day. Don't be afraid to use Cream A and Cream B liberally and abundantly. The more often and more liberally you use Cream A and Cream B, the greater the Clinical Lipid Therapy® your skin will receive.


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