"If you are a dry and sensitive
skin person, the ABC Skin Care System should be your daily skin care guideline to
achieve your truest skin moisturization."


Q. “There are so many different skin care products sold at the drug store. Do I really have to use True
Moisture® skin care products to follow the ABC’s?”


Not necessarily, but you may not get your desired results. People are always looking for a bargain or something better and will drive ten miles to save a dollar. You don’t have to do this. Your search is over with True Moisture® Clinical Lipid Therapy®. Though there are other products that sound similar to True Moisture®, there is nothing else exactly like it. Compare ingredients: Our patent-pending method and special lipid composition took years to perfect and allows you to have the best physiologic lipid concentrations possible for best results. Our Gentle Facial Lotion is the only complete lipid facial lotion I know of that does not block pores, is propylene glycol free, has no preservatives, and is cosmetically elegant. Also, I know of no cleanser gentler that our Cleanser C. There is no reason to substitute safety, value, years of experience, and quality. Compare prices: True Moisture® is somewhat expensive to make, but compare other products for price, gentle ingredients, and quantity. I was tired of seeing people waste money away on other’s overpriced jars of cream. So, I designed True Moisture® to be the greatest clinical lipid concentration possible at an affordable price. So you see, there are others, but True Moisture® Clinical Lipid Therapy® will give you price and quality benefits you will appreciate over the years as you care for your sensitive skin.

Q. “Allergic memory? What exactly is allergic memory?”


This is a difficult question to answer and is beyond the scope of this book. Let me simplify things by explaining that your immune system builds memory every time it is exposed to a potential allergic particle. You may not react the first time you touch the allergen. But, you tend to react after you’ve touched the allergen more than once. As a dry and sensitive person, you need to understand three important truisms about allergies.
1. You can develop an allergy to almost any allergen.
2. Your allergies are based on an allergic “memory.”
3. You can become allergic after many years of use.

I am often asked, ?Doctor, how can I be allergic to my perfume? I have been using it for the last 10 years.? Because the person has used the perfume for 10 years, she has finally acquired a ?memorized? perfume allergy. Fact: your immune T Cells can build allergic ?memory? after repeated item use. So, the more you use something, the more at risk you are of developing an allergy to it. The first time you touch something allergenic, your immune system processes the item and puts it in a white blood cell memory bank. The next time you touch it, your immune system memorizes again. After many exposures, your allergic memory is like a loaded gun, ready to shoot! For example, you touch your cat or you apply your perfume and your allergic rash explodes! You itch, you scratch, and you suffer. Acquired allergic memory explains why sensitive skin irritation such as redness, inflammation, and pruritus (itching) can all of a sudden occur after years of applying your favorite personal skin care products. Therefore, beware of anything you use and anything you touch, even those favorite things that you have used for years. Surprise, they may be allergenic.


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